Familie Bläuel & Team

We see our staff as being part of a big family. Our staff, who have been with us for a number of years, help ensure stability in the company and pass their knowledge onto younger generations. Enjoy the individuality and family tradition that have been practiced for over 60 years at the Tulbingerkogel mountain hotel. Today we are already in the second and third generation of the family business. There is also the pristine nature of the Vienna Woods biosphere reserve here.

The best service and personal care from the reservation to the wine tasting. Experience the finest culinary creations. Then allow your thoughts to roam at the sauna or the pool. Or you can marvel at the colours of the unique world of hills. Then later turn the clock back several generations at an historic dinner. Strength lies in peace. The quiet dynamics of the contrast between tradition and innovation, historic cuisine and modern trend dishes, a culturally rich building and modern design hotel have a decidedly stimulating effect. Find your inner centre in this spectacle of contrasts!

4 Generations

The Bläuel Family is since more than 60 years owner and Operator of the Berghotel Tulbingerkogel.


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