Veni. Vidi. Vini

Wine Cellar

“He came, saw, and started to savour, to taste and to collect.”

Manager Frank Bläuel was the president of the Austrian Sommelier Club and technical director of the International Association Of Sommeliers. Over the past two decades he has built up an internationally acclaimed wine cellar with over 1,200 wines from all over the world, scooping the Best Of Award Of Excellence 14 times for one of the best wine lists in the world.

On request, guests can treat themselves to an exquisite foray into the world of top wines including tastings, explanations and culinary accompaniment.


Frank Bläuel received 15 times the “Best of Award of Excellence” for one of the best-stocked wine lists in the world.



“In addition to the cellar brimming with wines from all over the world,
Berghotel Tulbingerkogel produces its own from a selection of international vines.”

At a gala dinner Julia Stemberger took up the patronage of a worldwide first — the first international cuvee — with the active support of Heinz “Honzo”, Sebastian Holecek and Gustav “Ironimus” Peichl.

This intriguing wine comes from the international vineyard at Beghotel Tulbingerkogel. The vines were brought to lower Austria and planted next to the restaurant terrace by sommeliers from 30 nations to mark the sommelier world championship in 1998. Frank Bläuel, manager of Berghotel Tulbingerkogel and an experienced sommelier, has lovingly tended his international vineyard ever since. This year he presented the results of the harvest to the public for the third time. “A fresh ethereal wine which reflects the surroundings of the Vienna woods and despite the sheer variety of grapes remains true to its roots on the Tulbingerkogel,” was celebrated wine producer Willi Bründlmayer’s verdict on the virgin wine. Cellared by Bründlmayer, the wine bears its own original label.

“It was exciting for us to see what the outcome of bringing together such different countries of origin and varieties would be. For years we have been adding top international wines to our cellar, but now we have a unique wine that is, in a manner of speaking, the embodiment of the international idea in a bottle. The vineyard itself is a souvenir that reminds me of my many years at the international sommelier association,” says Frank Bläuel of his project.

The international cuvee is not intended for sale, but Frank Bläuel gladly provides guests with a sample. A walk among the international vines
The international vineyard is open to visitors all year round. A stroll among the vines next to Berghotel Tulbingerkogel is very worthwhile and can be combined with a short walk to the nearby Leopold Figl observatory. Like the hotel’s gourmet terrace, this highest point on the Tulbingerkogel affords breathtaking views of the Vienna Woods, the Tullnerfeld and the Alps.

Veni. Vidi. Vini

In vino veritas.

“A great deal has gone into the wine — history, flavour, enjoyment, relaxation and above all, passion.”

Frank Bläuel’s passion for the world of top wines and his extensive experience and knowledge is reflected in the excellently stocked wine cellar that ranks among the best in the country. A bottle of your favourite wine to take home or larger volumes can be purchased from our very own wine store. Contact Frank Bläuel.


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